Why Should I Choose Medical Piercing for My Child or Infant?

Parents choose to pierce their kids’ ears for various reasons. For some, it is a cultural celebration commemorating a life milestone or a way of honoring spiritual beliefs. For others, it is simply an aesthetic choice they wish to make for their young child. No matter the reason why parents should choose to pierce their child’s ears, the harder decision actually comes down to where and how to do it.

Many parents end up at their local piercing shop, while others will only consider the pediatrician’s office. However, most pediatricians do not offer this service.

Which Type of Piercing Is Safest for My Child?

If your child’s safety and avoiding infection are number one priorities for you, the medical piercing method is probably a better choice for your family.

Here are 3 main reasons why you should opt for medical piercing:

Many parents end up at their local piercing shop, while others will only consider the pediatrician’s office. However, most pediatricians do not offer this service.

1. Medical Piercing Is Performed by a Medical Professional

Ear piercing might not seem like a serious procedure. Yet, potentially serious complications may be associated with the simple piercing of your child’s ears. Potential problems can include infections, allergic reactions, keloid formation and skin irritations. Opting to have a medical professional perform the piercing will considerably reduce the chances of complications.

Medical professionals will pierce your child’s ears safely and to a medical standard of care and hygiene. Moreover, the piercing will be done in a sterile environment.

2. Medical Piercing Is Done Using Medical Grade Equipment and Methods

Traditional piercing guns (like those used at “tween” stores, jewellery kiosks and malls) can cause serious complications, including easily transmitted blood-borne viruses and significant tissue damage.

Protection from Ear Piercing Infection

When the used method of piercing does not allow for medically approved equipment sanitizing, the procedure places the health of the recipient at an unacceptable risk. Infants and children who have immature immune systems are at higher risk of contracting infections from poorly sterilized equipment.

Hygienic & Safe Ear Piercing

Medical piercing methods, on the other hand, utilize a set of specific practices and procedures designed to avoid the spreading of infection. The medical piercing method will not place the recipient’s tissue in contact with blood or body fluids from previous clients, with non-sterile equipment or with jewellery that is not considered medically satisfactory. Medical piercing is hygienic and safe.
safe medical care ear piercing for infants and children

3. Medical Piercing Professionals Offer Thorough Aftercare Support

Children are all routinely exposed to countless germs. Inadequate aftercare of the wound throughout the entire healing process can result in an infection. Studies have shown that poor piercing aftercare increases the chances of infection and even permanent skin disorders, such as chronic skin irritations and allergies.

Detailed Care Instructions

Medical professionals will not let you leave their office without first providing you with detailed aftercare instructions. You will also have access to your medical professional for any questions or concerns you might have following your child’s procedure.

Safety First for Kids

Ear piercing might not be a medically necessary procedure, but it can be a significant event for you and your family. If you have chosen to have your child’s ears pierced, put your child’s safety and your peace of mind before anything else.

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