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Ear piercing for children is done in our clinics under medical supervision.
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The piercing procedure is carried out by one of our doctors or nurses using medical piercing equipment designed to virtually eliminate the chance of infection while completing ear piercing on a child with minimal discomfort or delay.

Medical ear piercing for girls and boys offers a safe and sanitary alternative to ear piercing done in a non-medical setting. Medical piercing is the term used to describe an ear piercing performed in a safe, sanitary way by a medical professional in a clinic setting.

Most parents prefer medical ear piercing for their child due to the safety and security of having kid’s ear piercing done to a medical standard of care and hygiene. It is better to have a piercing done by a doctor than by a store clerk.

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Blomdahl Medical Piercing

Child Ear Piercing Method

Our Ontario and Calgary Medical Piercing clinics offer ear piercing for babies and kids with the Blomdahl system. Your child will be cared for by accredited medical professionals in a medical clinic.

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Safe, Sanitary,
Virtually Painless Procedure

Our medical piercing process includes these steps:

The piercing is done with your selected Blomdahl skin-friendly earrings, placed directly into the piercing tool while remaining completely sterile. The topical anesthetic applied before the ear piercing minimizes pain for your daughter.

Right after a baby’s ear piercing it is normal for the area to feel hot and maybe a little sore.
There will be minor discomfort after the procedure and some soreness in the following days, but material pain is unusual. Our Doctors are available by phone to address any concerns.

Skin Friendly Jewellery for Kids

Blomdahl piercing earrings for girls are designed to facilitate rapid healing so that you and your child can be comfortable during the healing period.

Importantly, our piercing earrings are made from skin-safe medical grade titanium or medical plastic to prevent exposing your child to nickel or other allergens that can be found in standard earrings.

When air can circulate around a new piercing, it will heal better. That is why the earring backs on Blomdahl piercing earrings are always fixed at the tip of the post, where they also encapsulate the tip – so kids cannot hurt themselves by mistake.

The earring backs cannot be moved like on regular earrings. That way the air can always circulate around the girl’s new ear piercing to support optimal healing.

In order for the new piercing to be kept airy and to heal better, it is important that the piercing earring has the right length for the child.

Earlobes differ in thickness. For slightly thicker earlobes Blomdahl has developed piercing earrings with extra long posts so that we can be sure that your child’s earring will not be too tight or uncomfortable.

After the healing period, you can remove the initial piercing earrings and change to other earrings. However, the skin that has grown within the holes is still delicate and the holes may shrink a little. Blomdahl piercing earrings for kids have been designed so that the holes will be slightly wider in the beginning and thereby not get easily damaged when you change earrings. Your child’s comfort is our priority.
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Follow Up and Aftercare

After the child’s ear piercing procedure you will receive detailed printed aftercare instructions, as well as have ongoing access to our aftercare video.

Your doctor or nurse will review the necessary daily cleaning procedure with you to ensure that you know what to expect, and what to do to keep your girl or boy free from infection.

In the written aftercare instructions you are advised to clean the new piercing twice a day, using soap and water or Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin and easy to use.

You will be given your doctor’s phone number for quick access should you have any questions or concerns during the healing period. Complications like infection are rare with our procedure when the aftercare instructions are followed – and you will have the security of knowing that our doctors are ready to help your child if needed.

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Ear Piercing for Kids

We offer a safe way to have your baby’s ears pierced, and our process is optimized for children and babies of all ages. Using sterile products, hygienic methods and skin friendly jewellery, we always put your child’s health first.

Two Ears Pierced at the Same Time

Our ear piercing clinic has developed a medical simultaneous ear piercing process in order to speed up the piercing procedure without compromising safety.

The child ear piercing will be safe, sterile, fast, and easy – and we will be there to support you after the procedure as well.

Allergy Prevention for Girls and Boys

Allergies can develop at any time in life and a piercing makes you more vulnerable to materials such as nickel, gold, cobalt, epoxy, etc.

Our hypoallergenic piercing earrings are developed in consultation with skin specialists and suitable for all babies and children, even if they already have an allergy. You can choose piercing earrings made from medical plastic or titanium.

Safe Kid's Ear Piercing

Blomdahl ear piercing is a modern aseptic technique. This means that all our products and methods are safely designed to avoid the spreading of infections during ear piercing at any age.

The sterile method means that the medical ear piercing procedure for kids is hygienic and safe.

Virtually Painless Ear Piercing for Kids

Medical Piercing offers a quick and virtually painless piercing for babies, children, teens and adults.

Parents come to our clinics from across the province of Ontario and Calgary because our medical piercing procedure is a great option for getting a child’s ear piercing in a quick and convenient way, with minimal discomfort.

Medical Piercing Professionals

Our doctors and teams of dedicated medical professionals understands the concerns of parents for their babies and children. We do our best to provide a pleasant experience for our clients.

Our medical ear piercing procedure with local anaesthetic on the ear lobes is virtually painless and offers excellent cosmetic results.

Proven and Reliable Blomdahl Method

Choose Medical Piercing for safe, gentle, and centered ear piercings, completed by trained medical professionals using a modern aseptic method to minimize the risk of infection.

Get the best for your child.

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Kids Ear Piercing FAQ

Medical piercing is the safest way to get a child’s ears pierced. Parents prefer to minimize infection risk and all our clients benefit from a proven procedure done to a high standard of care in a medical clinic, with direct access to our doctors for any concerns.

Your kid’s health is the top priority. Choose medical piercing done in a doctor’s office or clinic so you can be sure that proper sterile procedures are in place. Select a caregiver with ear piercing experience and comprehensive aftercare.

Medical Piercing offers ear piercing packages that include the piercing procedure, Blomdahl earrings, follow-up and aftercare. You will have 24-hour access to our doctors for any questions or concerns.


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