How to Care for New Nose Piercings - Aftercare Instructions

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Daily Cleaning and Care Instructions

The medical piercing procedure minimizes the risk of infection during piercing, and the proper aftercare is critical in keeping the nose piercing healthy and free of infection.
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Tips to Keep Nose Piercings Healthy

When to Remove the Original Piercing Stud

After four weeks you can change to new nose jewellery. To remove the original nose piercing stud:

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Ongoing Nose Piercing Care

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Medical Nose Piercing

There will be minor discomfort after the procedure and some soreness in the following days, but material pain is unusual. Our doctors are available by phone to address any concerns.

Skin Friendly Jewellery

Blomdahl nose piercing jewellery is designed to facilitate rapid healing, and so that you can easily change your nose jewellery after the healing period.

Our piercing studs are made from skin-safe medical grade titanium or medical plastic for people with sensitive skin and allergies to jewellery.

Our nose piercing jewellery is lightweight and has comfortable, rounded shapes. For hygiene reasons, there is no butterfly on the inside of the nose.

The piercing jewellery has an olive shaped tip that helps to keep the piercing jewellery in place during the healing period.

To keep the piercing clean and dry during the healing period, it is important that the nose piercing stud has the right length, so that air can circulate and optimize healing.

Since nose wings differ in thickness and the space inside the nose can vary from person to person, our nose piercing jewellery is available in different lengths so we can match the piercing stud length to your nose shape.

The nose piercing studs offered at Medical Piercing clinics in Ontario are made from medical plastic and titanium – and use high quality cubic zirconia, preciosa crystals and Swarovski crystals to add that little bit of sparkle.

Whatever the shape and colour, all the components that come into contact with the skin are guaranteed skin friendly.

Follow Up and Aftercare

After the nose piercing procedure you will receive detailed printed aftercare instructions, as well as have ongoing access to our doctors.

Your doctor or nurse will review the necessary daily cleaning procedure with you to ensure that you know what to expect, and what to do to keep you (or your child) free from infection.

In the written aftercare instructions you are advised to clean the new piercing twice a day on the outside. Supplementary cleaning is done with Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin and easy to use.

You will be given your doctor’s phone number for quick access should you have any questions or concerns during the healing period. Complications like infection are rare with our nose piercing procedure when the aftercare instructions are followed – and you will have the security of knowing that our doctors are ready to help if needed.

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