Skin Safe Jewelry and Piercing for Girls

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Why should you have to risk your health for the sake of beauty? Everyone should be able to wear beautiful jewellery without having to worry about allergies. That is why our jewellery always will be both beautiful and safe to wear.

Blomdahl Medical offers beautiful hypoallergenic earrings and nose piercing studs, plus an ISO accredited medical ear and nose piercing system suitable for babies, girls, and women of all ages.

Making beautiful jewellery is a complicated art. Making beautiful jewellery that takes into account the wearers’ health is Blomdahl’s mission.

Medical Piercing clinics provide Blomdahl jewellery and use the Blomdahl medical piercing system so we can offer safe and sanitary piercing for you and your children, with diligent medical care.

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Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic Earrings

In 1985 Blomdahl developed the first ear piercing jewellery using medical plastic and guaranteed to be completely nickel free. With the help of skin specialists, Blomdahl has continued to innovate and lead with children’s ear piercing jewellery that parents can be confident will not cause allergic reactions.

Medical Piercing’s ear piercing jewellery by Blomdahl complies with the limits for nickel, cadmium and lead as stipulated by regulations, and in many aspects, we have gone further than required by regulations. The nickel content and/or the nickel release is 0% or so close to 0% that our jewellery cannot cause nickel allergies.

We only use medical grade plastic and medical grade titanium in all of our products.

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Proven Medical Ear-Piercing System

Blomdahl was the first in the world to offer a sterile, disposable cassette containing a sterile ear piercing earring and earring back. The founders corrected hygiene flaws in the existing ear piercing techniques to create a system that permits us to offer safe and hygienic piercing for babies, children, teens, and adults.

Different from other jewellery companies, Blomdahl is an accredited medical device manufacturer. Because our products are in long-term contact with the skin, Blomdah follows all key parts of regulations applicable for sterile medical devices.

Blomdahl is ISO certified for the manufacturing of medical devices – so you can choose Medical Piercing with confidence that we apply world-class medical hygiene standards.

Beauty, Health and Care

Children are our toughest critics, so there is nothing that makes us happier than when they like our designs.

Blomdahl’s designs are classic and stylish. The earring models range from a small elegant pearl or stone, to more playful shapes, like hearts and flowers. 

Whatever the shape and colour, all the components that come into contact with the skin are guaranteed skin friendly.

The earrings and nose studs offered at Medical Piercing clinics in Ontario are made from medical plastic and titanium – and use high quality cubic zirconia, preciosa crystals and Swarovski crystals … just to add that little bit of sparkle.

Made in Sweden

The Blomdahl factory uses the most advanced medical manufacturing technology – and that technology is applied to manufacturing jewellery. There is nothing else like it in the world. The factory is also filled with wonderful and committed people. Their passion for beauty and safety is reflected in every piece of jewellery.

Having the right people in the right place is imperative to the successful implementation of Blomdahl’s high ideals. The family business has 46 employees, all of which contribute with their individual expertise and commitment. The staff consists mainly of women, many of whom are also parents. When ideas and new jewellery models are to be tested, staff and their families are able to provide valuable feedback before they are included in the product range.

Over 500,000 Safe Piercings Done

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