Why Choose Blomdahl Jewellery

Medical Piercing clinics provide Blomdahl jewellery and practise the Blomdahl medical piercing system so as to ensure a safe and sanitary piercing for all patients, as well as attentive medical care.

Who is Blomdahl Medical

Blomdahl Medical provides stunning hypoallergenic earrings and nose piercing studs, as well as an ISO recognized medical ear and nose piercing system for newborns, girls, and women of all ages.

Making beautiful jewellery is a difficult craft. Blomdahl’s objective is to create beautiful jewellery that considers the wearer’s health.

Let’s look at a few reasons why choosing Medical Piercing and Blomdahl jewellery is the right choice for your or your child’s upcoming piercing.

Hypoallergenic and Skin-Safe Jewellery

Blomdahl invented the first nickel-free ear piercing jewellery in 1985. Blomdahl has continued to develop and lead with children’s ear piercing jewellery that parents can be certain will not cause adverse reactions with the assistance of skin specialists.

Blomdahl’s ear piercing jewellery meets with regulatory limitations for nickel, cadmium, and lead, and in many ways, we have gone above and beyond. Because the nickel content and/or nickel release are 0% or close to 0%, Blomdahl jewellery cannot induce nickel allergy.

In all Blomdahl products, exclusively medical grade plastic and titanium are utilized.

Stylish Jewellery Designs

Blomdahl’s designs are timeless and fashionable. Earring designs range from a small exquisite pearl or stone to more fun designs such as hearts and flowers.

All components that come into touch with the skin, regardless of shape or colour, are guaranteed to be skin friendly.

Earrings and nose studs available at Medical Piercing clinics in Canada are composed of medical plastic and titanium, with high grade cubic zirconia, preciosa crystals, and Swarovski crystals used to provide that extra shine.

Medical Ear Piercing Method

Blomdahl, unlike other jewellery firms, is a certified medical device producer. Blomdah adheres to all important components of sterile medical device laws since our goods come into touch with the skin for an extended period of time.

Blomdahl is ISO certified for the manufacturing of medical devices. You can choose Medical Piercing with assurance that we adhere to world-class medical hygiene standards.

Advanced Medical Manufacturing Technology

The Blomdahl factory in Sweden employs cutting-edge medical manufacturing technology, which is then applied to the production of jewellery. There is no better alternative.  The plant is also full of lovely and dedicated employees. Every piece of jewellery clearly demonstrates Blomdahl’s commitment to providing safe and stylish pieces.

Blomdahl is a family company, which employs 46 people, each of whom contributes their own knowledge and passion. The majority of the employees are women, many of whom are also mothers. When new jewellery models and concepts are being evaluated, employees and their families often give vital input before they are incorporated in the product line.

As a parent, you can feel confident choosing Blomdahl jewellery for your child.

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A Safe Medical Piercing Method and Skin-Safe Jewellery

The Blomdahl method for medical ear piercing uses a modernised aseptic procedure and sterile disposable supplies. This means that Blomdahl materials and processes are particularly intended to prevent infection transmission during piercing.

Piercing earrings are designed in collaboration with skin specialists to be safe for everyone, including those with allergies. Earrings made of medical grade plastic or pure titanium are available. The piercing earrings are designed to facilitate the healing process of your safe and hygienic medical piercing.

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