Our Online Shop is Now Open!

We are proud to announce that our online shop is now open! 

Blomdahl medical grade jewelry is gaining popularity across Canada. 

People are getting more and more excited about wearing safe, classic and beautiful jewelry.

Our customers were asking, so we delivered! You can now shop the same skin friendly jewelry available at our medical clinics from the comfort of your home. Enjoy safely changing your and your children’s jewelry, without worrying about infections or chances of allergies.

What is Blomdahl Jewelry?

Blomdahl manufactures stylish, hypoallergenic, nickel-free jewellery for adults and children. 

Established in Sweden in 1985, Blomdahl designs timeless, unique jewelry that is manufactured with the health care system as a role model. 

Blomdahl earrings and nose rings are made in either medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic to ensure that your new jewelry is free of harmful substances that could irritate your skin. 

As a stamp of quality on what they deliver, Blomdahl has obtained an ISO 13485 certification, which is for the manufacturing of medical devices. 

High Quality Jewelry for Your Active Lifestyle

Blomdahl Jewelry Is Now Available in Canada

Our medical piercing clinics in Ontario have been offering hygienic, sterile and safe ear and nose piercings completed by medical professionals. 

Our commitment to safety has directed us toward medical grade certified Blomdahl products. 

We are pleased to offer the same, high quality, medical grade jewelry found in our clinics to people all around Canada.

Timeless Jewelry for People of All Ages

Shop Medical Earrings for Babies, Kids and Adults

Our online shop offers an extensive selection of medical grade earrings for babies, kids and adults. 

Made of the highest quality materials free of harmful substances for sensitive skin, our earrings are also designed to be timeless and unique for women and men of all ages. 

Whether you are looking for an amazing gift for a special someone, or are looking to change your children’s earrings for a safer alternative that is also built to last, our collection has been selected to suit your needs. 

If you love gorgeous, comfortable earrings, our shop is for you!

Where to Buy Blomdahl Earrings in Canada?

Our certified medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic earrings are available for purchase at our three medical piercing clinics in Hamilton, London and Kitchener Ontario. 

Blomdahl earrings are also available for purchase at our medical piercing online shop

Shop Medical Nose Rings

Choose nose jewelry that will look beautiful and be safe for all skin types. 

Our collection includes medical grade titanium nose hoops and studs available for men and women. 

Blomdahl’s unique designs are manufactured for everyday use, even for skin that needs a little extra care. 

Where to Buy Blomdahl Nose Rings in Canada?

Our certified medical grade titanium nose rings are available for purchase at our four medical piercing clinics in Hamilton, London, Kitchener and St. Catharines Ontario. 

Blomdahl nose jewelry is also available for purchase at our medical piercing online shop.

Buy Blomdahl Earrings

Beauty Does Not Have to Come at a Cost

You do not have to risk infection or allergies to wear beautiful jewelry. 

If you want to wear amazing jewelry that is also safe from any harmful substances, look no further than the Medical Piercing Clinic online shop. 

Shop Nickel Free Earrings
Anti allergy nose ring
Shop Titanium Nose Rings

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