The Safest Piercing Method for Babies

Many new parents express interest in piercing their child’s ears. That being said, Medical piercing is a safe and sanitary way to pierce your child’s ears. Not to mention, accessorize your baby with a little bling.

Medical Piercings vs Normal Piercings

Medical piercings are preferred to normal piercings as they are done by a medical professional in a sterilized environment. Therefore, your baby’s ears are pierced in a medical grade environment, not in a store that is not held to same standard of cleanliness as a doctor’s office.

Taking your baby to a store or mall shop to get their ear’s pierced is doubly unsafe as the workers there do not have the same experience as trained doctor and receive little supervision. Additionally, often piercing guns are used instead of needles, and piercing guns can’t be sterilized.

Most professionals recommend such an environment for piercings, especially when it comes to babies, who are more delicate and prone to infection than adults.

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Our Foolproof Steps for Safe Baby Piercing

We are a team of experienced medical professionals with dedicated steps for piercing safety.

  1. Precisely determine the placement of both earrings and mark the spots.
  2. Disinfect, and anesthetize the baby’s ear lobes with a topical anesthetic cream.
  3. Pierce both ears at the same time with sterile, single-use equipment.
  4. Aftercare instructions and follow-up are part of all infant piercing procedures.

The piercing is performed using your chosen Blomdahl skin-friendly earrings, which are put straight into the piercing instrument while staying sterile.

Your child will have less discomfort thanks to the topical anesthetic that was placed before the ear piercing.


Extra Steps to Ensure Safety after Piercing

It is important that the parent or guardian of the baby looks out for their health and ear hygiene after the piercing. Here are some steps to take to ensure the best result.

  1. Don’t remove earrings for six weeks.
  2. Wipe alcohol around lobe twice a day for six weeks.
  3. After a bath, dry around the ear piercing to prevent dampness.
  4. If you notice infection, clean the piercing with alcohol and remove the earring.
  5. Ask your doctor for an antibiotic cream for the piercing if it shows infection.

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