Get Your Nose Piercing Before The Summer

Spring is a good season to get a nose piercing – your piercing will have enough time to heal before the warmer months, and you can enjoy your new look all summer long!

Why Choose Medical Nose Piercing

In our Ontario and Calgary clinics, nose piercing is a safe and sanitary alternative to nose piercing performed in a non-medical environment. A nose piercing performed in a safe and hygienic manner by a medical expert in a clinic environment is referred to as medical piercing.

The majority of consumers prefer medical nose piercing because of the safety and security of having their nose pierced according to medical standards of care and hygiene.

One of our doctors or nurses performs the piercing operation with medical equipment that minimizes the risk of infection while achieving the preferred result with minimal risk of irritation and infection.

Our Blomdahl Nose Piercing Method

The Blomdahl technique is used in our Ontario and Calgary Medical Piercing clinics for nose piercing for teenagers and adults. The following steps are included in our medical piercing procedure:

  1. Determine the precise location of the piercing and mark it.
  2. Clean and anesthetize the affected region.
  3. Use sterile, single-use equipment to pierce the nose.
  4. All nose piercing operations include aftercare instructions and follow-up.

Your selected Blomdahl skin-friendly nose piercing studs are inserted straight into the piercing instrument while being entirely sterile. Before the nose piercing, a topical anesthetic is used to reduce acute discomfort.

Our Blomdahl Skin-Safe Jewelry

When you’re looking to get your nose pierced, it’s important to choose a stud or ring which will be both stylish and safe. This is easy to do thanks to our line of skin-safe and infection-preventing jewelry. 

Blomdahl nose piercing studs are made to help you heal quickly and transition to a standard nose ring when the healing time is over.

For persons with delicate skin or allergies to jewelry, our piercing studs are constructed of skin-safe medical grade titanium or medical plastic, and are suitable for all ages.

Our Easy Follow-Up Procedure

Following your nose piercing, you will receive full written aftercare instructions as well as continuing assistance from our team.

Your doctor or nurse will go over the essential daily cleaning routine with you to make sure you understand what to anticipate and how to stay infection-free.

Cleaning the new piercing twice a day on the exterior is recommended in the given maintenance recommendations. Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare washing swabs are used for further cleaning since they are gentle on the skin and simple to use.

With these simple steps, it’ll be easy for you to safely enjoy the aesthetic benefits of your new piercing throughout the summer.

Pain-Free Nose Piercing For The Summer

By choosing Medical Piercing, you are choosing to experience a safe and sanitary nose piercing, freeing you from the hassle of having to worry about infections and difficult aftercare. 

Give us a call today to book your appointment before the summertime.

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