New Piercing Trend: Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings are a burgeoning new piercing trend which take inspiration from the stars in the sky, as well as from astrological star placements.

What Are Constellation Piercings

An innovative and entertaining new piercing trend is astrological/constellation piercing, which is a collection of piercings around the ear lobe in the shape of a constellation. Using patterns and attractive layouts, astrological piercings can also be used to hide undesirable placements from earlier piercings.

Constellation ear piercings are for you if you’re seeking fashionable ear piercings with a true, distinctive style. This trend is here to stay.

Should Constellation Piercing be Done Simultaneously

The human body is capable of healing up to four piercings at once.  Since everyone has a different pain threshold, discussing your tolerance before doing several piercings at once is crucial. One piercing at a time is recommended for more intricate piercings such as a daith piercing or a forward helix piercing.

The majority of ear piercing experts advise against getting more than a few piercings at once since doing so increases your risk of developing an infection.

No matter how many piercings a person receives, it’s always crucial to adhere to the aftercare guidelines provided by a skilled piercer.

Constellation Piercing Healing Time

The number of constellation piercings you choose to receive at once will determine how painful they are and how long it takes for them to recover.

Constellation piercings heal in the same way as ordinary ear piercings do. It is advised that you wear the original jewellery in your ears for 6 to 8 weeks before taking it out because doing so too soon might cause the holes to shut.

Although it may be tempting to pierce your ears with your own jewellery sooner, the wait will be worthwhile when you can confidently swap up your fashionable ear piercings. When changing your jewellery, it’s also crucial to make sure it’s hypoallergenic. This indicates that you can use them without risk.

Constellation Piercing Aftercare

Taking time to care for your piercing is important to keep it looking fresh, and to have an easy healing process. These tips will help you have an easy healing time.

  • Although it may be tempting, try not to touch or play with your constellation piercings excessively, especially if you haven’t completely cleansed your hands before
  • To clean your piercings carefully, particularly while they are healing, use natural items that are gentle on the skin. Applying a lukewarm saline solution with a cotton ball or Q-tip is perfectly OK.
  • Use a fresh paper towel to dry your piercings. This will help keep them tidy.
  • Don’t switch out your jewellery while your piercings are healing to avoid irritation and infection.

Medical Piercing for Constellation Piercings

A medical piercing technique such as Sterile Needle Medical Piercing is less likely to transmit infection than non-medical piercing. Our physicians use cutting-edge medical piercing methods that have been successfully used on tens of thousands of patients in Canada and other countries to lower the risk of infection.

Medical Piercing uses sterile, single-use equipment to assure safety throughout the piercing process. All substances that come into contact with your skin are safely sealed.

Our doctor and staff of devoted medical experts are sensitive to any worries patients may have regarding their constellation piercing. For this reason, we make every effort to give our clients a pleasant, almost painless experience that also yields exceptional aesthetic results.

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