Why Medical Piercing is the Right Choice for Kids

Medical ear piercing is a preferable alternative to ear piercing done in a mall or shop for various reasons. Among these is the advantages of a safe and sanitary clinical setting with medical standard piercing, access to skin-safe and allergy-safe jewellery, and the detailed aftercare procedure.

Safe Clinical Piercing

Your child’s piercing is performed with specialized equipment by one of our medically-trained and professional doctors or nurses. Our equipment is designed to practically eliminate the chance of infection or irritation. Due to our doctors’ expertise, the piercing will be completed with little to no discomfort. Trusting a doctor to administer your child’s piercing is definitely the right choice.

The majority of parents prefer medical ear piercing since this type of piercing is far safer than piercing done in a store. Our clinics are dedicated to providing a medical level of hygiene and sanitization. 

Our 2 Piercing Methods

At Medical Piercing, we offer two different types of clinically-safe piercing. A medical professional will administer both methods.

Our first method, medical piercing, is administered by a medical professional using sterilized equipment. The piercing is performed with your preferred Blomdahl skin-friendly earrings, which are inserted straight into the piercing instrument while staying entirely sterile. The topical anaesthetic used prior to the ear piercing reduces pain for your child.

Additionally, we offer single use sterile needle piercing for children at our Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, London and St. Catharines locations. A single-use piercing needle has been precisely developed for one specific purpose: a safe piercing! It is a gentle procedure, making it ideal for children. It is extremely secure and efficient. Our piercing needle method may be used to pierce any portion of the ear, including the lobes, tragus, anti-tragus, daith, conch, helix, and rook.

Blomdahl Jewellery for Kids

Children’s earrings by Blomdahl have been created in cooperation with skin specialists to encourage quick healing. Our earrings are made from skin and allergy-safe medical grade titanium or medical plastic. 

When air can flow around a fresh piercing, it heals more quickly. That is why the earring backs of Blomdahl piercing earrings are always attached at the tip of the post, where they also enclose the tip. This way, children cannot inadvertently hurt themselves. The earring backs, unlike normal earrings, cannot be adjusted. As a result, air may always flow around the child’s new ear piercing to promote healing.

Choosing Blomdahl earrings means protecting your child from allergens commonly found in standard earrings, which can cause reactions or infections.

Our Aftercare Procedure

After your child’s medical piercing, your doctor or nurse will go over the daily cleaning procedure with you and give you detailed printed aftercare instructions, as well as an aftercare video. Following these steps will allow you to take the best possible care of your child post piercing.

Your doctor’s phone number will be provided to you in the case that you have any questions. Infection is extremely rare when it comes to our procedures, however you will still have the security of knowing doctors are ready to help your child if needed.

The Safest Piercing Procedure for Children

Choosing Medical Piercing for your child’s piercing means choosing the safest and most hygienic piercing procedure. Call to book your appointment today.

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