4 Reasons Why Medical Piercing is the Right Choice for Baby Ear Piercing

Medical ear piercing for infants is a safer and more sanitary option to non-medical ear piercing. A medical piercing is an ear piercing done in a secure and sanitary manner by a medical practitioner in a clinic environment. Here are the top 4 reasons why Medical Piercing is the right choice for baby ear piercing.

1. Piercing Two Ears at the Same Time

In order to speed up the piercing procedure without sacrificing safety, our ear piercing clinic has created an ear piercing process which allows us to pierce both your child’s ears at the same time. This allows for less pain and a quicker procedure for the child.

The baby ear piercing will be secure, sterile, quick, and painless – and we will be there to help you afterward.

2. Allergy Prevention

Allergies can occur at any age, and piercing makes you more susceptible to materials such as nickel, gold, cobalt, urethane, and so on.

Our hypoallergenic piercing earrings were created in collaboration with skin experts and are safe for all infants, even those who already have allergies. Piercing studs made of medical plastic or metal are available.

3. Piercing by Professionals

The advantage of Medical Piercing is that your baby’s piercing will be performed by a medical professional. Our team of doctors and medical staff are aware of the concerns of parents, and are dedicated to making sure that your baby’s piercing is safe, virtually painless, and as quick as possible.

4. Blomdahl Method

Blomdahl Medical provides lovely hypoallergenic jewellery, nose piercing studs, and an ISO-accredited medical ear and nose piercing system.

Medical piercing centres use the Blomdahl medical piercing system and Blomdahl jewellery to provide you and your children with secure, sanitary piercings that are closely monitored by medical professionals.

Medical Piercing for Babies

Our procedure is ideal for newborns and toddlers of all ages, and we provide two secure methods for you to have your baby’s ears pierced. We always place your child’s health first by using sterile products, hygienic procedures, and skin-friendly jewellery. 

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