How To Care For Your Ear Piercing

The medical piercing method reduces the danger of infection while the piercing is being done, and the right aftercare is essential for maintaining healthy, infection-free ears. 

Daily Piercing Cleaning

There are a few critical steps to cleaning your brand new piercing daily.

  1. Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching your ears.
  2. Two times every day, properly wash your freshly pierced ears (on both sides). When cleaning, avoid taking off the earrings.
  3. When taking a shower and washing your hair, wash your ears with liquid soap and gently and thoroughly rinse them under running water. Use a cotton swab or face tissue to gently dry your ears.
  4. Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare washing swabs, which are gentle on the skin, are used for further cleaning. The swabs allow you to clean in between your ears and the backs of your earrings and other jewelry. Let it dry naturally. For each ear, use a fresh cleaning swab. Avoid using alcohol to clean your ears or your earrings.

When And How To Remove Original Piercing

You can safely switch out your original earrings received at Medical Piercing after six weeks. Here are the four steps to securely switch out your piercing.

  1. Wash your hands and pierced ears carefully before taking the earrings out. 
  2. Take hold of the earring’s front with one hand. 
  3. Wiggle the earring back until you feel it become loose with the other hand. 
  4. Put on fresh, clean earrings after carefully removing the old ones from your ear piercings.

Ongoing Medical Piercing Care

Continuous care is crucial since it might take up to a year before the holes are entirely repaired.

You should wear earrings at all times. Without, the holes may get smaller or maybe close up entirely. Additionally, when replacing earrings, exercise additional caution. The skin that has filled the wounds is still fragile and thin, and it is easily torn, which might result in an infection.

Always wash your hands before changing, as well as your earrings. This will allow the area around your ear piercing to remain clean and airy. Earring backs should not be forced firmly on the back of the ear when wearing earrings.

The first year following ear piercing is when there is the highest chance of developing a contact allergy. Wearing earrings that are allergy-safe at this time is crucial for this reason. Luckily, thanks to our Blomdahl skin-safe jewelry line, it’s easy to find allergy-safe earrings.

Skin-Friendly Jewelry

Blomdahl piercing earrings are made to promote quick healing and make switching to ordinary earrings after the healing process simple.

For those with delicate skin and jewelry allergies, our piercing earrings are crafted from skin-safe medical grade titanium or medical plastic, making them ideal for newborns, children, and adults.

A Clinic Dedicated to Safe Piercings

By selecting Medical Piercing, you are choosing to have your ears pierced in a safe and hygienic manner by specialists who will go through the required daily cleaning routine with you to ensure that you know what to anticipate and what to do to prevent infection.

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