How Does Medical Piercing Work?

The Medical Piercing Clinics offer a safe alternative to ear piercing done in a non-medical setting. 

Medical piercing is the term used to describe an ear piercing performed in a secure, sanitary way by a medical professional in a clinic setting. But how does it work exactly?

Here’s all you need to know about how our medical piercing works.

The Blomdahl Piercing Method Is Now Available in Ontario

Our medical staff uses the Blomdahl piercing method. Internationally renowned to be a safe and sanitary piercing method for people of all ages, the Blomdahl system uses the modern aseptic technique and is carried out using sterile disposable products. This means that this method is specifically designed to avoid the spreading of infections when piercing, and guarantees that the piercing is hygienic and safe.

Blomdahl Earrings and Nose Studs

Our clinics guarantee that piercing is done with the Blomdahl piercing earrings or nose studs. We only pierce with original Blomdahl jewellery to ensure a safe and sterile process.

Blomdahl jewellery is developed in consultation with skin specialists to ensure it is suitable for everyone, even for individuals who already have an allergy.

Blomdahl jewellery is made of top-quality medical grade materials that makes them safe for people of all ages. 

Our clinics offer Blomdahl medical plastic and medical grade titanium jewelry. 

Blomdahl medical plastic earrings are the only ear piercing earrings in the world with 0% nickel. We recommend medical plastic earrings to anyone who wants to avoid developing a nickel allergy. 

Blomdahl medical grade titanium earrings are made of the same titanium used to make medical implants and other medical applications. It is also the safest of all metals for allergies because it binds what nickel there is extremely well.

Designed for Optimal Healing

Blomdahl piercing earrings are not like ordinary earrings. They have been designed so that air can circulate around the new piercing and, therefore, it will heal better. That is why the earring backs on Blomdahl piercing earrings are always fixed at the tip of the post.

Should you choose to change to regular earrings after the healing period, Blomdahl’s piercing earrings have been designed so that the holes will be slightly wider in the beginning and thereby not get so easily damaged when you change earrings. 

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing addresses the risk of infections, such as hepatitis, being transmitted during the ear-piercing process. This is genuine risk and that risk can only be eliminated by using a single use, disposable product. By using the Blomdahl method, we can ensure that your ear piercing is completely hygienic and provides maximum protection from transmissible infections. Moreover, out of special consideration for children, we can perform simultaneous ear piercing in order to speed up the process without compromising safety. 

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Medical Piercing Professionals Are Available in Ontario

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Our Ontario Medical Piercing clinics offer ear piercing for babies, kids, teens and adults.

Most parents prefer medical ear piercing for the safety and security of having piercing done to a medical standard of care and hygiene.

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