A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Earrings for Babies

If you’re looking to pierce your child’s ears, or have recently had their ears pierced, it is important to understand the importance of taking time to choose hypoallergenic earrings for your baby. 

When shopping for baby earrings, keep in mind that there’s a bit more to it than simply adorable designs and colors. Additionally, you should pay attention to what elements are child-friendly, as well as the materials employed.

How Baby Earrings Differ From Adult Earrings

Ideally, your baby’s earrings would be made precisely to fit a baby’s ear. Therefore, it is important to find baby earrings that are considerably smaller than adult-sized earrings. Because of the size of your baby’s ear, they often have shorter posts, are lightweight so they don’t strain little ears, and have backings with additional features to hold them in place for a tighter fit.

These variations aid in preventing newborns from experiencing pain because the earring is too heavy, the post irritates them, or they tear it apart and lose it. For kids under three, it’s usually a good idea to wear any sort of jewellery under close supervision because the little pieces might pose a choking threat.

Why Hypoallergenic Earrings are Necessary for Babies

Many individuals tend to favour appealing designs and hues when choosing the perfect earrings for babies with sensitive ears. The substance that touches the child’s ears, however, is the most important component of the earrings. Nickel, lead, or cadmium are frequently found in the post and base of earrings. Both adults and many children have adverse responses to these products. Contact dermatitis is caused by these poor materials. After being exposed to an allergen, the skin may respond by becoming red and inflamed or it may cause a terrible itch that requires specific care to stop. Contact dermatitis can appear at any moment, even if your child has worn earrings often. Because of this, it’s critical to select hypoallergenic earrings to prevent a problem from the start.

Medical Plastic and Titanium Earrings

Blomdahl’s medical plastic earrings are the best option for infants and young children. They are constructed from sturdy, nickel-free plastic and embellished with stunning Swarovski crystals, pearls, and cubic zirconia in a rainbow of glistening hues.

Toddlers should wear post earrings since they are simpler to put in and won’t catch on clothes or stray hairs. Blomdahl’s tiniest 4mm medical plastic post earrings are a good place to start if your kid gets her ears pierced at an early age. These elegant earrings have inlaid Swarovski crystals that are coloured and shaped to dazzle. Your youngster might wish to pick their earrings when they become older. Medical plastic earrings by Blomdahl come in a selection of child-friendly forms like horseshoes, stars, hearts, and flowers.

A pair of titanium earrings with glossy pearl inlays is another excellent option. These pearl earrings have a classic charm and a stylish appearance without the risk of nickel allergy.

Adorable Allergy-Safe Earrings for Babies

A family-run company, Blomdahl USA, appreciates the value of upholding traditions. Families may get the finest earrings for children with sensitive ears from Blomdahl without being concerned about potentially dangerous substances like nickel, epoxy, or cadmium. In order to provide classy and secure designs, Blomdahl has partnered with leading jewellery companies. All items are 100 percent nickel-free.

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