Caring for Your Nose Piercing

The medical piercing method reduces the danger of infection during the treatment, and appropriate aftercare is essential in maintaining the nose piercing healthy and infection-free.

Daily Cleaning and Care

Here are the crucial steps to take to clean and care for your nose piercing. These steps should be done every day. 

  1. It is important to always wash your hands with soap and water before touching your nose piercing. 
  2. It is necessary to wash the outside of your new nose piercing twice a day. It is important not to remove the piercing stud when cleaning.
  3. In the shower, use liquid soap to wash your nose, and gently pat dry with facial tissue or a cotton swab.
  4. Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare washing swabs are used for further cleansing since they are mild on the skin. Swabs allow you to clean between your jewelry and the skin on the outside of your nose. Allow to dry naturally. Each time, use a fresh washing swab.

Removing Original Stud

You can remove the original nose piercing stud and switch it out for a personalized choice after four weeks. 

When removing the original stud, you should wash your hands and face thoroughly, clean the outside of your nose around the stud, then remove the stud itself gently, and finally put in a new piece of clean and allergy-safe jewellery.

Keeping Nose Piercing Healthy

A few tips for keeping your nose piercing healthy after the first four weeks include:

  • Maintain a clean, dry, and airy environment around your newly pierced nose at all times.
  • When applying make-up, hair spray, spray perfume, hair colour, and so on, cover your nose.
  • Take particular caution when putting on/removing garments over your head to avoid having the nose jewellery trapped. The same is true for cleaning one’s face and blowing one’s nose.
  • When you go to bed, cover the new piercing with a bandage.
  • Moisturize the region around the nose piercing.
  • Wait as long as possible after piercing to swim in a pool or lake (at least two weeks), and avoid submerging your head. When you get out of the water, use liquid soap or Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs to clean your piercings.

Ongoing Nose Piercing Care

Since it takes up to a year for your nose piercing to be fully closed and healed, ongoing care is key. You can take care of your nose piercing during this year by always keeping in a stud, taking extra care when changing your stud or ring, and washing your hands and jewellery.

When you choose to have a nose piercing at a Medical Piercing clinic, you are ensuring you  will be receiving a safe and sanitary piercing with a medical level of care. You will be given your doctor’s phone number so that you may contact him or her quickly if you have any questions or concerns during the healing process. 

When the aftercare instructions are followed, complications such as infection are infrequent – and you will have the confidence of knowing that our specialists are ready to help you if necessary.

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